Wearing $ 30k Jewelry

This is an excerpt from one of Sana Khan’s speeches former Bollywood actress. Its translated more or less meaning.

Don’t they say when human is surrounded by everything impermissible then the permissible becomes challenging. This is going to be really tough. Obviously, I have travelled half the world. I have travelled so many times, same countries be it US, Europe, Arab, Asian countries. So I have been everywhere. I have seen everything.

I have worn best of clothes. Name any designer I have worn their dress. Clothes would literally be $ 12-15k. I used to wear jewelry worth $30k. Anything of this world a human just thinks everything I have done in my profession. You know staying in five star hotels, staying in suits eating whatever you wish & you don’t spend anything of your own, all expenses paid.

Designers would approach me pls wear my clothes. I have received every thing (one desires) in my life. But still you know it happens that I have everything and I am happy but that happiness diminishes. It was fleeting & wouldn’t stay. For example today if I had come to promote my movie that I wanted to do in the past at colleges and everywhere. Allah forgive me! When I think of it, I regret. What was I doing with my life?

So when I would go and speak. I would get happy that wow so many people are here, they are listening to me & they are all my fans. But as soon as I would leave in the car you know what they say soda get flat. Once the fizzle is gone after that no one wants to even drink that soda. That was my condition. It does feel really good but why is this happiness not staying in my life? In 2019 it was worst, I was very active in social media doing every shoot possible which I truly regret. I don’t know how many times I have performed prayer of repentance. O Allah pls erase it! Pls erase it! Its my resolution not to do this ever again.

At that point in time in 2019, what I looked like externally was not who I was and what I was internally I wasn’t able to show. That year I was so internally conflicted that whatever I am doing, I am gaining followers, all these likes, gaining popularity. I get called to events and getting lot of money. Off course, you know for one ribbon cutting I would get $10k I would just attend for 10-15 mins I would earn this money. And I was thinking I am receiving all of this yet I am not happy. I was definitely not happy.

When I used to listen to lectures of other people, is it even possible that someone is getting all this money, fame & respect that they are an idiot to think they were not happy. Why are you not happy? What else do you want? Give it to me. Don’t we say this. We try to be cheeky. Why were you not happy? You have everything. What is there to be sad about?

But this ’emptiness’ will only be experienced by someone who is connected to Allah. Now that I have come on this path I know why things were not making me happy? Allah had destined something else for me. That had to happen in 2020. If it had happened in 2018 perhaps I wouldn’t have been stable. In 2020, I felt really stable Allah made me firm that God willing nothing will change me. I keep praying for steadfastness. Give me guided life and death on guidance.

Because until death there is no guarantee as one can be misled. That fear always exist to safe guard one’s faith. That’s why whenever I pray ‘ O Turner of hearts, keep my heart steadfast on your religion’ (Tirmidhi). This fear exists in my heart. Today I have faith tomorrow what if I lose it? I can’t even keep a lipstick or earing properly how will I safeguard my faith. I don’t have the ability to protect this but I want this. I am willing to barter anything of this world but this thing (faith) for my security pls keep this secure.

I think we should all strive to pray for this. Because things are given based on asking and bestower is Allah.



F*ck Your Feelings
The actress who reverted? She should probably do something about her old videos where shes practically half naked, maybe get lawyers involved to have them removed.
The actress who reverted? She should probably do something about her old videos where shes practically half naked, maybe get lawyers involved to have them removed.

She didnt revert. She is born muslim. Now even if we are talking about the same person. How do you know if she hasn't exhausted all efforts in removing her old videos? Have good opinion of someone. And generally if you want to correct someone its best to tell the person directly. If you cannot do so just pray for them. What benefit is there in highlighting that 'she has half naked videos' when she is not reading your comment. Its just bad adab/ettiquette.