Wasiir Qalabxoor says Hobyo Port busier than ever

We have four ships a month. Mashallah, keep growing because the demand is there. Hobyo port has already created jobs and greatly benefited the normal persons life. It has also helped combat inflation. Infact it has helped cut down prices for evrdy commaities such as petrol, sugar, flour etc

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Quite the Islamist.
Not @ them working with the little that is there whew 👏🏾.
I like how he mentioned and compared the costs..no wonder the mere mention of this potential port has certain people foaming in the mouth
I like beesha Habar Gidar Hassle they got a half ass port and still their mind is like Port Of L.A lol these people Cadi ma aha.


happy accidents, not mistakes :)
Hobyo port is going to be a game changer for the whole central Somalia regions and hopefully beyond :)


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