FAKE NEWS WARNING (This is not misleading). In Garissa ,(Kenyan occupied Somali region), 3 sisters were impregnated by the Gardner. Two gave birth to twins

These kind of stories are for a click bait the tabloid has resorted to cooking up unfounded fake stories this is a straight up fake one too.
To give you background.
Tana River county is part of the former coast province. Madogo and Maroro are the two town adjacent to Garissa and they get their health and everything from Garissa. The communities that live 8n that area are "Muunyo" or Malakote and Orma Galla.
This story is fabricated as the area does not have families living in the farmland. Farms are along the river and away from homes. Away from the River Tana only Geed Yahuud/ Caligaroob is the only vegetaion that grows.