Wallahi I feel bad for habesha guys in the west

Habeshas are cucked because most of them are fake Christians and they live a very secular lifestyle. They should have let Ahmed Gurey the famous Somali warrior finish off Islamizing that whole country until that traitorous Ethiopian Amraha Christian king Gelawdewosat decided to join forces with the Portuguese in order to defeat him in the battle of Wayna Daga which led to the demise of the Adal sultanate in Ethiopia aswell as the expulsion of the Muslim Adal rulers from Ethiopia too. Had they won that battle, then Ethiopia would have been a majority Muslim country today.

At least then if Ethiopia was a majority Muslim country today then their men would have some gheerah over their women. Wallahi the only Christians who I fully rate today are the Coptics, Mennonites and the Amish. They are extremely conservative and pious Christians who don't let any outsider marry into their families.
nah they're not fake only some of the diaspora is
Habesha women get passed around by Arabs in the middle east also. Habesha women are hoès by nature. They’re the definition of easy :sass2:
Their women are literally being passed around by west africa men. One of my coworkers wife who he brought from Ethiopia was shagging with this Nigerian dude. Damn the chick is beautiful. :banderas:Long story short she caught them in bed and decided to call the cops on the madow guy. I told him to leave her and we almost came to blows. :mjkkk:He is always crying to others at work about how he hates coming to work because while he is hard at work he knows his wife is getting her back blown out my this West African. :russ:
Where I live in San Diego, California all the hoodrat faarax’s date and smash ethiopian chicks even some Eritrean chicks. A lot of habeshas in San Diego come from upper middle class families so a lot of the dudes drive benz, BMW, Audis and pull some bad chicks too. (Latinas, White chicks, asian, mixed, sometimes bad mathow chicks)Basically the women and men are both h0es. why do you think HIV is so high in Ethiopia :drakelaugh::sass2: