WAAR SOO CARARAAAY! Geeljire stabbed people in Brussels and is shot dead

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Waar soo cararaaaaay

(I will no longer use "Somali" but instead geeljire to deflect shame upon the great Somali people )


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Is that you in your dp?
That's not him.

Plot twist time

Remember when he said he hit on his cousin's wife, well it turns out it's his female cousins' husband, he's professing his love for him and decided to put his picture on SSpot,

True love. I'm glad @R.Kelly is finally happy.

Most belgium people are rascist cunts. they have the highest rate of youngsters leaving for Syria(mostly maroccans). Because they won't even give you a job after completing university. So many youngsters turn to drug dealing and such. I knew a girl left for Syria with her husband, brother and sister in law in the early years of the conflict when it wasnt illigal to go to Syria. These girls came back to belgium after they lost their husbands. And were harrassed daily. police would just come in in the middle of the night a couple of days every week and would search the place. They eventually left the country because life became unbearable. They did nothing illigal since they left before the leaving ban and way before the emergying of IS and the attacks in Brussel etc.


What a doqon extremist. Allegedly he had two Qurans in his hands when he attacked. I don't know why I find that funny kkkkkk. Does he think it will serve him as a protective armor against an ak 47:siilaanyolaugh:
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