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Vocabulary of Indigenous Somali Furniture


Raw Hard Truth
A bit of a linguistic thread, for any Somali layman linguists.

I've recently learned from my family, that we have an indigenous word for "Four Poster Bed" , mashallah :lolbron:

It is called "Maymoosi". Just to be safe, I've spoken with my non Somali friends over the weekend,
(European,Indian,Arab,Asian etc) and I don't see any cognates or proof of it being a loan word. It's pretty indigenous.

It just made me think, I need to learn more of our vocab dealing with the higher class furniture, I think the Badiye words for their simple domestic household life was promoted over the Somali Magaal Bourgeois vocabulary that always existed lol.

Also, for a simple carpet, we say Qaadifa, or Qaadifad, that could be a loan word, but it could also be indigenous as well. Apparently it can mean "Velvet" in "Christian Arabic" according to a book I read on google books, but isn't that hilarious. Expensive velvet for us, was just a simple ass carpet, I love it :drakelaugh::drakelaugh:
I need to ask my mom how we say Chandelier next, I know we have a word for it wallahi :russ:




Raw Hard Truth
Somali Qadiifad/Qadife, which ironically sound like the Turkish word for Velvet, "Kadife"

:liberaltears:, Som-Turk Bilateral trade going strong since Ajuuran and Adal :drakelaugh:as indicated in our vocabulary

I love my Reer Magaal roots :mjohreally::mybusiness:

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