Unpopular opinion, I support 4.5 (actually 5.0)

Of course I respect those of you who are against this concept and good points are raised why in opposing 4.5 but I believe that it is a good thing that the four largest clans have equal political (executive and legislative) power at the national level. Everything political in our country revolves around clan so isn't it logical that we don't marginalise major clans. Having said that, I would change 4.5 to 5.0 and I would propose Somalia has 1P1V for the federal parliamentary elections (lower house) using a proportional voting system that embraces 5.0. Somalia as a whole would be only one electoral constituency just like in the Netherlands or Israel.

The President, PM, deputy PM and the Lower House speaker should continue to be from four separate clans in the name of power sharing
I don't care about 0.5 people. They all supported Farmajoo, so fk dem.

It was USC that gave people their rights. Before USC Hawiye, Issac and Rahaweyne were the 0.5.


Tbh 4.5 is working. We just need better presentation from the Darood bloc, they do not send their best people to Mogadishu.

I propose dumping Mareexaan in 0.5