Unofficial census

2 quiestions

1. Whose family was from the 3 Soomali regions that are not part of the Soomaali republic i.e. from DDS, Jabuuti, and NFD not Wuqooyi/Somaaliland nor Koonfur/Wanlaweynistan

2. Did your families get admitted as Jabuuti/Kiinyaati/Itoobiyaan immigrants or SoomaaliRepublic immigrants

all the forumers who claim to be reerHawd come on in

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باسمك اللهم
Nigga is confusing the hell out of us. What's more mystifying is this quote: "I plan on reading/replying to this at the end of year" :ftw9nwa: :ftw9nwa: As if this confusing thread will explode :mindblown:
He is asking for those of us from nfd Djibouti and galbeed what did we claim on our asylum applications to come to the west? My family claimed civil war victims from Somalia.