United Somalia?

Can someone be honest and explain why they want Somaliland, Puntland, Jubaland, etc. to be their own countries. (Explain with no bias) Why can't we as a Somali people unite and be a strong and powerful nation? Why can't we fight our enemies instead of fighting each other? Somalia is one of the only countries with an almost 100% Muslim nation we also speak the same language, share the same cultures. We are one people. Let's stop this madness. Let's also stop the whole qabiil situation. Qabiil is fine on its own but not to fight with each other. (also im a somalilander ig) :confused:
Its the same argument made for "Greater Somalia" . But, i think the idea of "greater somalia" is a way to emotionally manipulate somalis.

As a Somalilander whos family from originally from Hargeisa and Burco. I find it interesting that you have equivicated Somaliland with somalia's federal states.

Somaliland identifies as a country whilst puntland identifies as a federal member of Somalia.
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Oh, there's plenty to fight over in Puntland. We just don't war with one another because we have a strong xeer system that people actually follow.

Certain Leelkaase elders were complaining about their drug dealers being killed because of their persecution complex.
Those two paragraphs don't compute. You're explanation of the Leelkase situation is not how a Leelkase person would interpret it. That is the quintessential core of qabiilism - a viewpoint informed by who your qabiil is.

I think the biggest thing Puntland has going for it is that it is predominantly populated by one sub-clan of Majeerteen. It is a massive subclan but my point is that it is less likely that you have wars within that structure.
Thats the thing though. Both sides are terrible. If we all unite we wouldn't have much issues in the economy, government, or our people. Im just praying that Inshallah we become a peaceful nation.
What is unity? Should these states just follow the goverment blindly.


the top doesnt give a shit and wants it like this
there was no conclusion or understanding after the war
weak or no infrastructure doesnt help
rogue forces like al kebab within and and rogue forces with their own motives without(pick any of the countries we beefing with)

And the division between the people through tribal lines has done the worst thing being there is no united political will to come together and demand better, no protests to hold people accountable

like many people i still have hope for a better future but also wont be surprised if things stay the same


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