''Unite the Right'' Nazi Rally Tonight

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Walahi I would troll them crazy, I would feed their white genocide narrative badly,

I'd tell them by 2050 they'd be minority, "look at how we chased u out from St. Louis, Memphis, LA, and all major cities, we sleep with ur women, use ur technology, scream in ur face, pass laws that marginalize u and if u dare get outta line we'll lable u a rayzist then humilate/shame u and get u fired from ur job, we're gonna replace u with Muslims and immigrants and give them welfare while u live in a trailer park overdosing on heroin after serving in the military."

Walahi that would drive them insane, what ur doing here is agreeing with there white genocide bullshit and make them cry and have them vote against their own interest:trumpsmirk:
He will die soon. Who will replace him? I suspect those Google/Facebook Jews (Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg) will become the next boogeymen for the right when he is gone.
Those guys will basically be gods win 20 years, google and Facebook already know all our shit
Imagine what they can do when they develop AI

Nightline Kid

Imagine still using this shithole of a website.
You know, the old KKK would wear hoods to hide their identities even when their ideas weren't exactly considered radical at time. These guys are coming out completely uncovered.


They'll never unite though; there will always be a subject matter which causes them to cannabalize. Especially the purity spiral lol.
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