Underrated cities/towns in South & Central Somalia

Qoryoley, Lower Shabelle region. Qoryoley is very densely populated and has better city planning than Guriceel.

The city whose name was turned a slur "Wanlaweyn"

Seems like southerners were breeding like rabbits despite 30 years of instability
No wonder Lower Shabelle is a mess. The region is diverse af :wow:.

It is funny what is considered villages in south Somalia are considered towns/cities in northern Somalia. :lol:

In Somaliland region this is what they consider "town" magaalo

A census that looks at city/towns is not accurate of Somali population. I for example have majority of family members in camels and only 10% live in a town. So how can only 10% of my family be counted. My Awoowe had around 50 descendants. Only 10 or even less live in Garowe. The rest are calling me from mobile phones travelling miyiga. Hence Somalia census population is rubbish.

Caynabo might look small town wise untill you go there and do a proper sample of city/rural ratio you can't gouge the truth. They could have large rural population with a few settlers. I have to get a sample to work it out. But it's easy to work out if you get a sample of a family and maybe ask a few different families till you work out an average number for rural/city.
That abuudwak and galdogob might be 'fully settled' 100% ratio(i doubt it tho) those areas are heavily nomadic still, this would mean their pretty damn tiny looooooooool where-as the caynabo one could be unsettled and large rurally.
Merca, Lower Shabelle. You can't even see the houses clearly until you zoom in that is how densely populated it is.

a example of a neighborhood in Merca:gucciwhat::damn:

The largest city in Somalia is Mogadishu and it's 15 kilometers from one end to another, I haven't worked out the width but I would say probably 8 kilometers. How many people can live in 15 kilometer radius? I think your getting carried away, especially when there is no skyscraper and pure housing only? only so much houses can fit in such land mass.
I am not sure why they don't just go to Mogadishu. Square of 1 kilometer length by 1 kilometer width. Count each house and house hold. Then multiply it by the city distance and width. So if there is 5k living in 1 kilometer by 1 kilometer. You can know how much will live in 15 kilometers. Puntland should never accept city figures unless it's following mathamatical principles untill census is done, that's my advice. Everything is measurable. U just need a working sample nothing else. If there is no working sample and some mathamatic used, it's all just guesses and somali guesses are usually inflated.
Merca, Lower Shabelle. You can't even see the houses clearly until you zoom in that is how densely populated it is.
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a example of a neighborhood in Merca:gucciwhat::damn:

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Merca only has 4 'degmo'. Each degmo is equivalent to what others consider a medium sized town.

I always wondered why certain towns gained a huge population when they weren't historically settled.

Balcad, Mahadaay, Ceelbuur, Baardheere, Luuq, Buulo Burde, Jamaame etc use to be some of the biggest towns in Somalia with centuries-old structures and public services but today they are outdone by Cadaado, Gaalkacyo, Beledxaawo etc. Even Afgooye once considered a suburban holiday resort for reer Muqdisho is bigger than the aforementioned.
Hiraan-Hirshabelle and Galmudug are Similar Sizes though. Galmudug killer point is South Mudug to Galgaduud is only 200 kilometers in length. So their in comparison to Majerten 200 kilometers of our population if we used same sample rate for city/rural. I guess land mass does count, means more villages, towns, and rural population.

Majerten is roughly 3 times as large as Galmudug. Assuming 200 kilometers in comparison to 700 kilometers in Puntland. Puntland is similar in size to galmudug/hirshabelle. That's not including Sool/Sanaag. Just Bari to Mudug. 700 km vs 700 km. We wud need Hartis to join in to cover Mogadishu population. Harti n Hawiye is very close in population. Depends where Ogaden swings I guess. Our southern/north east harti population could cover up the mogadishu population and possibly larger then hawiye as a whole and not including wardheer.
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