"Uncle Tom Asians in Hong Kong and Taiwan Panicking Because Trump Lost"

Omar del Sur

believer in win-win cooperation

If you want the same official Western, CNN narrative, block me and don't read my content. You can get the CNN talking points anywhere. If you want to hear a different point of view that you haven't heard a million times and that isn't generic CNN talking points.... I recommend you check this out.

My thing is.... it's not even necessarily that people agree or don't agree with this kind of thing. The point is that people at least can hear something besides the same generic, boring CNN viewpoint.

Even if people don't agree with this kind of viewpoint, I think they should at least be able to hear it. Should people only hear what the West wants them to hear or should they be exposed to alternative viewpoints as well? People can try to dismiss other viewpoints and cling to what the West wants them to hear and believe.... but I think it's crazy to do that. I know I talk a lot about imperialism and such. I don't want to press that too hard here. But are you really a free and independent person if you only hear the Western viewpoint and you automatically start frothing at the mouth when someone comes with a viewpoint that the West doesn't like? The intelligent thing imo would be to calmly study both sides then form your own conclusions.