Uhuru Kenyatta bid to stay in power has been thwarted by Ruto

Seems like that the dynasty pact has received a blow.

BBI was a cover up of Uhuru and Raila to change the Kenyan constitution to accommodate a PM position who would be elected by MP/ Senate and a President who would be elected by the People.
The PM woukd hold more powers than President and would have no fixed term.

With the Building Bridges initiative BBI they would implement other laws that would see pastorolist communities become more marginalised and have lesser share of say and get less government budget.

The pastoral communities make up almost 2/3 of Kenya.Which include Somalis, Boranas, Masaai, Samburu, Rendile and some Kalenjin tribes.

Ruto on the other side is a fascist evangalist pente costal if he comes to power then alot of Somalis will feel the heat.They say he is the one thatbhas been ordering muslim cleric executions in Kenya.He is also one of Kenyas biggest theives and is a potential ruthless dictator.The wealth of the rich in Kenya will be under threat if he comes to power.

So 2022 is an interesting year for Kenya.
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