Ugly Self-Hating Semi Bantu Somali Girl Says Somali Men Are Unattractive

How attractive is she herself

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Kulahaa Somali guys are ugly :tocry:

Has this girl looked in the mirror lately :reallymaury:


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Without the penguin costume she's pretty hot. You're accusing her of being self-hating by calling her semi-Bantu looking. You're self-hating yourself you metrosexual prick.

Nightline Kid

Imagine still using this shithole of a website.
Did you even watch the video???

Granted she shouldn't have used such a clickbait title but she is actually answering someone else's question about not being attracted to Somali men, you would know that if you watched just a little over a minute of it. Around the 11:30 mark she encourages the girl who asked the question to love her Somalinimo, take pride in herself, and "start from the bottom and get to know yourself."

With that being said:

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