#UFC286 The Rematch

The Main event features Kamaru Usman the Nigerian Nightmare Vs Leon Edwards the upcoming UK Star that now holds the championship belt.

This will be their 3rd rematch of their careers. The 2nd one was the most watched PPV. They say never let your guard down even for a split second until the match is fully over. For Edwards it is to defend his title and for Kamaru it’s to win it all back 🔥

Rafael Fiziev vs Gaethje is also another epic showdown. A small part of me deep down wants Rafael to lose because he’s a Rafidha but that boy sure got some hands

On another note our Dagestani Muslim brother Muhammed Mokaev got the submission Manshallah ☝🏾

Mokaev has the Imam Shamil warrior spirit in him 🦁

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Leon Edwards comes out on top again :ohdamn:

Looks like Kamaru Usman is getting too old for this. Kamaru needs to improve his grappling/wrestling skills. Whenever he goes for the takedown, Leon counters and gets right back on his feet. Kamaru is becoming slow and sluggish. His striking is a bit wobbly and less effective than before.

Colby Covington is 1 funny dude loool
I have my cards placed on Khamzat winning if this fight ever happens. Unlikely now that Khamzat moved up a division.


Colby getting that Dana privilege 😂

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The Rawafidh dog Fiziev was humiliated today
He switched Nationaties because his native country of Kyrgyzstan which is 99% Sunni Muslim rejected his minority rawafidh family and deported him from the country. Now he claims Azerbaijan to save face. I only hoped a dagestani or a Chechen Muslim fighter did it rather than Gaethje but seems like Ashura came early for this Kalb 🐕


This dog also promoted a blasphemous Iranian movie which slandered our Noble prophet (saw) and the mother of the believers Aisha radiyallahu anha

Gaethje has that DAWG in him man. You can’t beat him in a brawl unless you are poirier.

Colby getting a title shot is a disgrace ngl. Edwards clearly wants Masvidal if he wins against Gilbert Burns (not gonna happen).

lastly inshallah that injury doesn’t affect Mokaev going forward