UAE To Restore Berbera Airport, Build Electricity Plant

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) plans to restore the Berbera Airport in the (historically) second largest city of Somaliland to have it accommodate large aircrafts. :salute:

This is part of the agreement reached after a six-day visit by Somaliland president Musa Bihi to the United Arab Emirates.

The president held talks with UAE deputy prime minister Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan. Sheikh Mansour is also the Minister for the Presidency.

In the agreement, the UAE, Somaliland’s biggest development partner will also fund the construction of an electricity plant that will power Berbera City. :damedamn:

Further to that, a cement plant will also be set up in the country with the support of the oil rich Middle East state. :ehh:

The Berbera airport is strategic for the UAE government given its proximity to their military installation in the city and their investment in the Berbera Port which is currently under expansion by the DP World.

Its restoration will see it able to accommodate big and heavy passenger and cargo aeroplanes. :francis:

In a previous interview, Somaliland finance minister Saad Ali Shire, then commenting as minister for foreign affairs said the UAE being the country’s leading development partner had signed agreements allowing them the use for the airport.

Military facility

“The agreement is [for] UAE to use Berbera airport and port as a military facility, and in exchange, the UAE will be building roads, a new airport, and funding health, education and water energy,” Shire said.

Berbera airport has a 4,140 m (13,582 ft) runway, one of the longest in Africa. The runway was built by then Soviet Union (USSR) in the mid-1970s in order to counter the United States’ military presence in the region.

It was rented by NASA at a cost of US$40 million per year, and used as an emergency landing site for the Space Shuttle from 1980 until 1991, when the government of former President of Somalia Siad Barre collapsed.

The UAE military base in Berbera will begin operating by June.

The surveillance system will be used to protect the base in the Somaliland port town of Berbera and monitor the territory’s 800-kilometer (500-mile) coastline. It will also help the whole region — piracy, illegal fishing and toxic dumping.

Other major discussions during Bihi’s visit centred on security in the volatile region of Horn of Africa, strengthening the ties between Somaliland and the UAE, trade and investment, mineral exploitation, livestock, tourism and the development of fish resources in Somaliland shores, support for infrastructure projects, such as the Berbera Corridor highway, and the easing of the travel process between the two countries.

Somaliland is the leading African country where the UAE has the highest foreign direct investment (FDI).


Restore? sounds like more scam. Berbera airport runaway is already built and it was renovated many times with the help of Kuwaiti aid during Silanyo admin.


just funneling money out our hands and into khaleji pockets imagine how much economic stimulation their would be if built in-house, :farmajoyaab:
why the hell do we need these beduoins when are own workers could get it done and get paid keeping the flow of money in-house :mahubowtf: these countries are taking advantage of our dumb leaders and finding free jobs for their people while were employing others when we have such a large unemployment rate:faysalwtf:


The only benefit of these almost useless projects wasn’t the end product but how building it would stimulate the economy(Keneyse theory of economics), instead these leaders who don’t have any economic background are outsourcing the wealth and stimulating The UAE’s economy and getting near useless buildings in return:farmajoyaab: what’s the point of an airport if everyone’s broke:faysalwtf: for example the US didn’t need the major higway projects after the Great Recession (useless roads) but it created jobs lowered unemployment, used American resources creating more wealth, put more money in the hands of American citizens who then purchased from American stores who then invested in America, this was the important part of the project and it seems we’re skipping the inportant steps for the useless end building:ileycry:


Reformation of Somaliland
Restore? sounds like more scam. Berbera airport runaway is already built and it was renovated many times with the help of Kuwaiti aid during Silanyo admin.

The runway want built crazy man, hist a new terminal the runway is still the same since the Soviets the runway is being upgraded