TV and Movies are a Cancer

Obviously, there's all the various haraam elements in TV and movies. Plus the brainwashing agendas. Music. Women without proper hijab. Evil agendas brainwashing the people that watch the stuff. There is so much haraam in the movies and TV shows themselves. Plus all the waste of time.

And then another thing is.... I know this is happening with some people, I'm not saying with people here but I know it's going on amongst some people...

people go and spend time with their family and it's all just sitting in front of a TV!!!

this is terrible. people go see their family members and it's sitting in front of a movie for two hours while who knows what kind of garbage is being pumped into their heads from the movie.

people aren't even talking to their family members. my grandparents died and I am really sad about it. is that really any way to spend the time with older family members while they're still here? sitting and staring at screens.

people hang around their family members... and they're not even talking to them... just sitting watching garbage movie... staring at the phone! even sometimes wearing headphones, I've seen it happen.

anyways, I'm not saying that happens with ppl here, I have no idea. but I just know this stuff is happening with some people in society so I wanted to say something and mention how horrible it is.

I myself have visited family members and experienced this kind of thing. I'm happy I get to see them, I want to uphold ties of kinship I am thinking insha'Allah I will be doing a good deed... then I get there and what I was hoping would be a good deed turns out... people are just sitting around a TV screen watching filth. I wish ppl would wake up and stop filling their time with garbage movies and TV.
insha'Allah I will post some things from scholars exposing this TV and movies stuff. of course I am just an ordinary person but I think even to us ordinary people it is obvious this TV and movie stuff is no good

Watching TV Shows/Movies is common place and normalised, I don't think many people stop to think about its permissibility. It's pretty embedded in most people's lives and the thought of it being prohibited or having to stop/stay away from it sounds extremely strange and alien. But on a level I'm sure people are aware that it isn't permitted because most movies, especially nowadays, contain not only music and promotion of haram (gaal culture) but also lewdness, nudity and all types of faahisha (immorality).

Even if you struggle with the thought of ever stopping watching shows and movies, at least recognise it's not permissible. This is the first step and opens the door to you one day overcoming it because you're able to repent and make du'aa that Allah ﷻ helps you stop. If you don't even consider it impermissible to begin with then it's not something that you would feel necessary to repent for or have the determination/hope to overcome.


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It's true. TV and other digital media (meant for entertainment) is suppose to program/brainwash. Intended to soften stances on less favourable topics even if it fails to totally corrupt. However, like a rat looking for a dopamine fix the people feel like they cannot break free from their escapism. They must be given their bread and circuses. It lulls them into a state where they do not question the status quo.


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