Turns out it was a Somali woman who stabbed the little girl from yesterday


tragic for the poor girl but this story I can never share it because of the fact that they used somali against us for their racist agenda so why should I bring awareness or support this story sorry not my portion. And the funny thing is I remember when they were making fun of Shukri Abdi death yet expect anyone to care for their plight?


Boqorka Soomaali only movement
You can see what this man is implying by adding the “#” in front of Somali to emphasize it. As if the sole purpose of her killing a child is her ethnicity. not to mention you’re also going on here like “turns out she was somali!” that makes no difference sxb. I couldn’t care less what her ethnicity is. These people obviously pushing their own agenda and couldn’t care less about the girl’s death.