Trolls harass woman and her mixed kids


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so much self hating somalis here on this thread these dudes honestly think their Madows, and they let white people lie to them and keep them down i dont care what pigskins say

911 the user is embarrassing i doubt that somaligeneral is actually Somali am pretty sure hes some white guy pretending to be a somali he even calls himself a caucasian nilotic mix, both of you reek of selfhate

Somalis are indigenous cushite native of the horn of africa this is what we are capable of


this is the mosque of yusuf ibn al kawyneyn in maldivies built by somalis

View attachment 71318 abdulaziz al mogadishawi a somali ruler of maldivies

beruwala in sri lanka founded by yusuf ibn al kawyneyn originally named berbereen
the oldest mosque their


lalilbela built by our cushitic
reletives in ethiopia
View attachment 71319


the ancient city of harar a cushtiic city belonging to hararis which somalis once ruled and built the defenses of the city

:nvjpqts: amazing beautiful CUSH