TikTok Farax called out for acting Khaniis


Caafimaad baby
They would rather see this young boy rap about having sex, drugs and shooting people. Than to see him genuinely making funny videos and living life like normal teenager SHOULD. I think he’s very brave and I’m very saddened by his situation. May allah make it easy for everyone suffering.
How would you feel if you ended up getting a son like that?
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Sjw xalimo will advocate for everything expect for their people back home
They want us to donate to this khaniis so he can get a new phone when hes perfectly capable of picking up a job :gucciwhat:

This kid lost my sympathy when he made a gofundme for a phone when that website is meant for people who have real life problems. I hope all his shit gets leaked :damedamn:


Notice how these western Xalimos, are out here defending and cheering on this fairy. Same thing happened when that fat fairy Afkia Ali put out a vid of him in a khamiis, *** dancing, with all these Somali men hating Xalimos were egging him on.
They're usually Somali ******s and people fall for their bait which can be quite annoying.
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Why are people bullying this CHILD?

If you are so strong, defend your country from its real enemies who have wrecked it for over 30 years.

That's where your "masculinity" might actually be needed and make a difference.

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