Thousands of pedophiles have operated inside the French Catholic Church since 1950!

330,000 children victims of church sex abuse, French report finds​

PARIS — An estimated 330,000 children were victims of sex abuse within France’s Catholic Church over the past 70 years, according to a report released Tuesday that represents the country’s first major accounting of the worldwide phenomenon.

The figure includes abuses committed by some 3,000 priests and other people involved in the church — wrongdoing that Catholic authorities covered up over decades in a “systemic manner,” according to the president of the commission that issued the report, Jean-Marc Sauvé.

The head of the French bishops’ conference asked for forgiveness from the victims, about 80% of whom were boys, according to the report. The bishops are meeting Tuesday to discuss next steps.

The independent commission urged the church to take strong action, denouncing “faults” and “silence.” It also called on the Catholic Church to help compensate the victims, notably in cases that are too old to prosecute via the courts.

“The consequences are very serious,” Sauvé said. “About 60% of men and women who were sexually abused encounter major problems in their emotional or sexual life.”

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This is what they have always been known for.

Meanwhile, France focuses on oppressing Muslims.

This same interior minister is accused of rape.


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How the hell does the Vatican not get raided! It's literally a pedo training camp!

Highly conservative religions regions where there is strict control of sex intermingling makes an opening for pedophile to thrive. Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Catholic Church etc etc

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How the hell does the Vatican not get raided! It's literally a pedo training camp!
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