The sick Mudulood father and the proposals of Darandole and Ciise Mudulood

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I've come across a nice piece of oral history that i wasn't aware of about udeejeen and darandoole which also explains their their geographical settlements

'When the ancestral father Mudulood became sick and his two sons Ciise Mudulood and Darandoole Mudulood had to decide what to do with him, they differed in their views.

According to Ciise Mudulood, their father should go with them to wherever they went. They proposed for the father to be put on a camel (rati) and as such his offspring would take care for him while they wandered around as pastoralists.

According to Darandoole Mudulood, their father should get a restplace. They proposed to build for him a nice house so he could spend his last days in one place.

The sick Mudulood father agreed with Darandoole Mudulood and said the following:

To Ciise Mudulood:

‘Rati korkiisa aan idin ku ogahay’ = Upon a male camel is were you will end up

To Darandoole Mudulood:

‘Deegaan baan idin ku ogahay’ = In a land (living place) is where you will end up

The two statements Mudulood made about his two sons Ciise Mudulood and Darandoole Mudulood were characteristic of their different outlook on life.

Ciise Mudulood was of a more pastoral mind and as such proposed to move their sick father along with them and not settle into one place, while Darandoole Mudulood proposed a much sound argument which was to settle into one place and build a rest house for the sick father.

As such, Darandoole Mudulood today inhabit a large land that stretches from Mudug to L.Shabelle which their offspring have settled throughout the centuries, while Ciise Mudulood have wandered westwards as far as into Oromo land in Abbysinia. Today, there is a remaining part of Ciise Mudulood in Hiiraan and the boundary of Somalia-Ethiopia (Feerfeer borderregion). A very small deegaan compared to their sibling Darandoole Mudulood.

Source: Oral recollections by elder Mudulood men.'


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I heard half of udeejeen got assimilated with Oromo and lost their somali identity unfortunately, my mom knows a few udeejeens very kind ppl I think the first president was udeejeen
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