The Official Genealogy Thread : My ancestor did what?!?

Discussion in 'Culture & History' started by Puffin Stuff, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. Puffin Stuff

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    May 6, 2018
    Feel free to post anything related to your family's genealogy, photos of ancestors, or any other genealogy you find interesting. Additionally, posting useful genealogical sources such as a webpage listing Somali immigrant families to town so-and-so would be greatly appreciated. D3F13CE3-8200-4D2E-957E-074E184442AA.jpeg My grandfather one with the red shirt left Somalia aged 17 to become a sailor his father died on hajj became a successful businessman started off in a racist country still managed to get all his kids into college and working mashalla
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  2. 4head

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    Oct 11, 2018
    I do have some pictures but i don't think i'll share them here.
    But my family genealogy : mostly Somalis, my grandfather from my father side was a businessman who was born in Jigjiga in 1935, his mother was born in Harar. My grandfather from my mother side was working for the Djiboutian State, but he never went to College. He loved instruction, learning and was a feminist in his time. He wanted the best for his daughters. Unfortunetaly I don't have enough memory with him. He died in 1999 while fasting. He was a religious person.
    My grandmother from my father side didn't know how to read but she wanted the best for her 10 children. All of them have had great instructions, they went aboard and came back (for most of them, some are in Europe) and they are successful in their lives. I do have a picture of my uncles but it's risky to share them here lmao! And for my grandmother from my mother side, she was a really religious woman and loving person. She was anti-colonial occupation and she was a great person.
    Both of my parents were young when they had me. My father was 21 years old, he was turning 22. And he had a job, but he was paid nuts. He worked hard for us, while my mother was 23 years old. She left her dream school when she was pregnant. Later on, she went back to Uni and she had a Master (5 years in College). My father is a teacher for the last 22 years! My mother is now a businesswoman, a strong charactere with a good heart. I love them all.

    And few facts: my grandmother from Aabo had a father who was a rich man, known as "Ahmed Borreh". One of the richest person in Djibouti. And I knew him, he gave us somewhere to sleep and something to eat because my parents weren't that rich!

    Happy to share my genealogy with you.
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  3. Lolalola

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    Feb 16, 2019
    My great-grandfather was trained in Germany pre-WWI. When he eventually left due to the intense racism, he became a merchant who had travelled to Yemen and Ethiopia and eventually actually died in Addis Abba when my great-grandmother was pregnant with my grandmother.
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