The mystery that went back years solved

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So for the past few years I've decided to get rid of jeans that were not black and only wear dress pants or black jeans.

Every morning when I get up take my shower I put on my pants. I also put on my socks. But every time I noticed some white spots around my knee area as I put my socks on. I always stand while putting on my socks.

I finally realized what it was. I saw the back part of my foot rubbing against my knee as I was struggling to put my sock on after I took a shower since its harder to put on when your feet are wet and I saw the back of my foot leaving some white spots.

What is the white spot I always leave on my pants around the knee area? Dead skin. It appears when youtake a shower


I forget about my feet when showering and don't scrub down there.

Mystery from 2012 finally solved.



Wow what a mystery, every Tom, Dick and Harry knows to scrub their feet in the showers. :sitdown:
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