The most beautiful woman in Africa wants to get married

The ultimate J@reer defenders are faraaxs on Sspot. Xalimos mostly agree with me and you sir just proved my point!

We faraxs only like j4reer women and we only like them if they can fulfill the following criteria.
A. Must have big boobs
B. Slim waist
C. Nice round booty
D. Must be mixed or creole looking
I like my madow woman diluted with white blood, but I don't want my pure bloodline corrupted with mongrel blood,after all I'm the prince of all saiyans.


Did the blog really call her the most beautiful woman in Africa? Not calling her ugly but that's a strong statement. Is she prettier than every North African and East African woman there is?

Plus, you can tell she uses heavy makeup and has a wig on. Remove them both and then you'll get the correct answer.
My nigga @Shmurda is here seen pictured with a big booty babe.. Could it be @Basra :wow1: