The hottest somali girl

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soo gaal ciyaal and odeys of somalispot and @Steamdevolopment.

Forgive my use of clickbait, but i need your attention for some... research. a popular belief of this dunya is that he/she that types the fastest, fingers the meanest pu$$y. I'm conducting a little social experiment to determine who the real conoisseurs of the pu$$ are. i generally score over 90ish words per minute on my lazy days and right now im confident no one can beat me. However you shouldnt allow this to discourage you, i will be using a shitty lenovo where the keys are so miniscule that you'd think you were fingerbanging a loli.

Girls are not allowed to enter this contest as they've had their entire lives to practice for something like this. I'm just thinking about my young niggas who've had no luck nor experience (@YoungFarah). Also, Steam is exempt from this ruling because i would love to destroy this fantasy she conjured up 'women can pleasure women' and revert her to the humble housewife she once was. Hopefully this contest will squash that illusion.
Who'd like to step up?
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Surely this can't be a coincidence


@DuctTape as the new WWE superweight champion you are contractually obligated to give me a
rematch. This is me invoking my rematch clause
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