Terry Crews Sexually Assaulted by Hollywood Execs

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If Terry Crews, who joggles Volkswagens for fun, is getting fingered, what hope do we fat or skinny Faraxs have?

On a serious note, how messed up is Hollywood? I always knew the industry is filled with pedo, batty, sexual deviants.
Every industry run by the Akhenazi Babylonian Talmudust Kabbalist fake Jews is a cesspit of satanic rituals rife with paedophilia, homosexuality, child sacrifice and other devious wicked occult practices, this stuff also happens at CERN.

This has been documented extensively but the fake news media cartels they happen to also run never report on it, this stuff about petty harassment is very mild compared to the real things they get up to behind closed doors, especially in their initiation rituals.

You can't climb high without going through this, they tape this and use it as blackmail to keep you quiet like they have done to so many rappers, politicians, actors etc. some were brave enough to have blown the whistle on this, many died, others were buried.

These are the people who are influencing kids from young age to push their agenda. Homosexuality was used to be considered as mental illness in the 1970s until the whole homosexuality agenda was pushed by them. They are toxic. They're why most xalimos in this site are liberal /lgbt/race mixing supporting. Only a conscious person can see the writing on the wall.


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This was always known. (((They))) have always kept quiet about it, and forced others to be quiet about it too. I feel sorry for young hollywood actors and actresses. Why do you think they all end up being drug addicts? To forget painful memories. :jaynerd:
If Halima Aden have dignity she would drop out of the modeling industry. if she stays, to move up, she will have to "please" high level executives.
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:dwill:Can you imagine how fucking brazen and untouchable a guy has to be for him to grope Terry fucking Crews. Obviously this exec bet on the fact that he wouldn't say or do anything for fear of jeopardizing his livelihood. But it's still fucking insane. Even though he's probably like the biggest miskeen ever, he's still 6'4'', 250lbs of pure muscle. If he decides to throw all logic out the window and attack, all the money and power in the world won't save that exec. Ain't nobody at that party gonna try and stop him, and if they do, he'd just toss them across the room. The police and paramedics would arrive just in time to scrape what's left of him off the floor. Only someone who truly believes that they're untouchable would even try something like this. Shows you how bad this problem is in the sick industry they call Hollywood. :francis:
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