Somaliland Telesom unveils new cloud based services

This will be really great for students and businesses.

Cloud service are very important :nvjpqts:
Even the govt can benefit! Last year, a delegation from Oracle hosted govt officials at Ambassador Hotel to pitch their cloud based services:
The government of Somaliland is pursuing avenues of interconnecting all its nationwide operations electronically.
This was revealed during a one day meeting held at the Ambassador hotel in Hargeisa where Oracle Cloud Technology hosted government officials.
The high level government team to the Oracle cloud meeting was led by minister of Technology and council coordination Ali Hamud Jibril included his aviation counterpart Farman Aden Haybe, deputy finance and aviation ministers and the ministry of education director General.

It would be very wise for the SL govt to issue the contract to S/lander owned Telesom now that they can provide a similar service.
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ICT just like any other sector cannot help if the infrastructure and access to the infrastructure is missing. people on low speed internet or connections dropping constantly are not going to be able to use Cloud Services. Infact it will make most business stay away, imagine an important transaction occurring and all of a sudden a black out, not very reliable indeed!!!

Fix your infrastructure rather then seeking these silly services!!!
You add nothing by creating services if infrastructure is lacking. If u built one electricity power-plant, you will generate customers from every sector. Residential, Hotels, Factories, Schools, Hospitals, Telecommunication companies. You would leave an impact on every sector, because everyone needs electricity. The machine need a power source in a factory, the homes, hotels all need power source for their tv, phones, laptops. T

Telecommunication sectors need a power source for their servers. Every1 needs a power source basically. You would make a personal killing while also addressing a problem area in our economy. If electricity is sufficient and cheap, this will allow everyone to return. Business people for business projects. Diaspora for residential projects. You basically created a space and from that space all these various actors will start flooding the economy. But if you add a service, it won't create that similar multiplying factor an infrastructure does!!!