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so many people seem to entering into the tech field and are doing bootcamp courses. I was wondering if there’s anyone who works in tech and whether it’s worth it to get into it? I have a biology degree and a lot of my friends with masters are entering into that field. Bootcamp is really expensive and I can’t afford it at the moment but if I were to do it I want it to be a good investment and not waste 1K on something that won’t help me. I also worry if careers like software engineer will be obersaturated and the pay will go shit.


Panem et circenses…
With a bio degree, get into management consulting then try get one of your fintech clients to sign you on a cushy deal.

Added benefit is that you’ll get a lot of network connections on the way.
Entry level jobs for most sectors are over saturated.
What i recommend is that you self teach yourself as much as possible. Start with HTML/CSS then Javascript and you are all set. Don't buy any expensive courses, there are many youtube programming tutorials that are free and hours long. Here is a story about a Somali guy that became a self-taught SWE.
As for your last point, I don't think SE will become oversaturated because the tech sector keeps on growing and there is always a demand for SWE regardless of what the company does.
Before you jump into expansive route try free and cheap route, you may or may not like it .

There is lots of resources online that don't cost that much such as Udemy (for udemy never pay full price they have sales every week prices go low as £10.99 or ) , also free resources such as YouTube. In certain cities specialy in UK there is somali run tech schools that teach both the software and hardware of IT.
You're better off going into biology you'll be at an inherent disadvantage without a degree or impressive projects/experience
You’re right and that was something I worried about, people who have degrees in IT or Engineering are at a bigger advantage than someone who’s done a bootcamp course that took a year compared to four years of university study
Since you already have a degree you can do a masters or an after degree program in CS, lots of people with no coding background do that. If you really want to enter the tech field then you have to be prepared and diligent. Coding is not hard, but it is time intensive and there will be times when you spend hours on a single concept before it clicks that's why a lot of people quit. You don't really need a bootcamp since most of the information is readily available online. There's lots of different specializations in tech including IT which you can go into, most popular one I see right now is web dev which makes sense there is a lot of demand for it. For that I'd suggest doing The Odin Project foundations, then FullStackOpen. All free and that alone is 300-400 hours of content that has you doing projects and learning to become a full stack software developer. There's so many other free ones as well like FreeCodeCamp, CodeAcademy, etc I don't see a reason to pay for a bootcamp. I haven't done these programs, but I've heard lots of people had success with them. If you are dedicated and know your stuff and have some side projects, you can definitely get a job. It might be harder with no degree, but its been done, I've seen it with my own eyes. Go to r/learnprogramming lots of good material there if you decide to do self taught.
you cant do anything with bio besides research or grad school. learn to code or do a masters program in compsci i had frends that did it without any coding experince and were able to do it
You can find pretty decent work with a biology degree. My friend has a biology degree and he has good job where he works in a Hospital setting. Snoop around and make the most of what you have.

Don't be too quick to jump on the Tech bandwagon, most end up burned out and leave the field down the line. Starring at a computer screen all day ain't what it's cracked up to be.


Data Scientist is a better career than coding web apps for a living since you already have a Bio degree. This could take you anywhere from 3months to 1 year depending on how dedicated and consistent you are. This youtuber went from a biologist to a Data Scientist.

TC is basically your total compensation. TC = Base Salary + Bonuses/Stock

Average TC for a Data Scientist
$112,957 /yr
Base Pay

$21,649 / yr
Additional Pay
It or computer science, which one is better?
Computer Science is very broad, it varies between different jobs. For example being a software developer is pretty hard, but for the most part very enjoyable job and won’t bore you. (The pays better aswell). While being a data analyst on the other hand, a very boring/repetitive job but easy.