NSFW Tanzanian al shabaab member gets killed by sna and his body gets dragged

But but but, bantus are miskeeeen :mjlol:

I told you guys Bantus travel to Somalia to rape Somali girls and women and kill Somali men. AlShaydan is Bantu expansionism, wake up.
I even saw a news report about Tanzanians living in IDP camps in Somalia.
They hide among their Bantu kin. In fact, how the hell can we tell the difference between Somali Bantu national and foreign bantu?


A Tanzanian came to Somalia and thought it was a good idea to try and terrorize poor villagers :susp:

Burn in hell Khawarij filth
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This is why we need to man the borders! these terrorists have small numbers but keep replacing dead soldiers with bantus from nearby countries.

This is just after the meru county ppl stated they would join al shabaab if the miraa ban is not lifted. You also got israel and uae building a nearby spy base on socatra since the weak yemenis couldn't even defend their land against naago arabs and that's gonna bring more problems for us and more supplies for isis in the PL mountains.



Daludug Above all
Lets not turn this into bantu bashing. Foreign kebabs were invited by Somali kebabs who make up 99% of the kebab terrorists.
I remember back in 2013-ish, the government made a policy when it came to foreign fighters.
Shoot them on sight and save the brainwashed somali brethrens.


باسمك اللهم
I'm 1000% for killing that guerilla Bantu terrorist but to drag his body like that is sinful behaviour in Islam.