SWS President Laftagareen Press Conference On Las Anod Issue

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banu hashim and shiettt
LaftaGareen behind the camera :pachah1:
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RX is full of Bantu DNA. They have always mixed the most of the major Somali clans. And they live closest to them. Well known. Nothing bad about that, just a truth.


We star in movies NASA pay to watch
Lafta Gareen will send a fact finding mission of 5 SWS ministers to LA, this will be a test of diplomacy for Somaliland

mr steal your naag

banu hashim and shiettt
They were the best Moryaans for a reason. Aidid knew they were great foot soldiers. Those guys were strong, brave and brutal.
And they are 1 of the few that farmed and ate healthy shit before the civil war thats why allot of them dont have that typical lamagoodle body


My opinion>>>>
I have seen so many rx politicians and most of them look bantu espacially the 2 interim presidents of somalia
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I think it’s certain subclans of rahanweyn. Most digil like geledi, bagedi, tunni etc have a thick line Seperatibh the asal somalis and the Bantu sheegads wheras with some sideed mirifle like eelay, xaarin and some leysan subclans in juboyinka the line is more blurred by assimilation and intermarriage. Then there’s sagaal mirifle subclans that have never even seen a bantu befire and instead live alongside and marry from darood and hawiye clans like Ogaden and Xawadle/gugundhabe Overall the vast majority of rahanweyn would probably be fully somali

Top looks somali, bottom looks straight Ghanaian


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This Laftagareen guy is the most useless president of any Maamul Goboleed in Somalia. Even invisible Man Qoor Qoor is better than him.

He is nothing but a jar3er puppet for Farmaajo, Xaarmaajo picked him up because he knew he was a spinless, incompetent and dhiiglaawe Bantui to have any sort of creativy to help his troubled folks, waa Duli who is here to serve for his master.