Sweden situation is horrible


Forza Somalia!
In a new study, I don't know if it was done by Dagens Nyheter, I don't know their political alignment, but it says that 40% of shooting incidents happens near schools and kindergartens.

656 shooting between 2017 and 2021 half of them happened in Stockholm area.

These shootings became so common that they started having emergency of shootings scenarios exercises in schools and even in kindergartens!

One of these kindergartens is Hubsy, where there was an incident of shooting one person to death, 200 meters away of the kindergarten.


According to the principal of that kindergarten is that, the kids take this as game and fun exercise because they can't imagine how horrible the shootings are.


Hubsy is an area where even the police can do their job as they should due of high criminals who mess with them during the process, which makes them hopeless when they are in need
i lived in sweden for a few years and i can tell you the police there are pusies they get bullied by everyone lol. (Speaking from expirence). thats why so much crime happens