Supermodel IMAN describes Somali society as an oriental fantasy?


LOVE is a product of Doqoniimo mixed with lust
Let Them Eat Cake

Thanks for correcting my spelling. I said Makeertania, i changed it!



She left her Somali husband went to the USA modeled then married a NBA black player who beat her up for a few years / divorced / married WHITE BOY Bowie who is known to have a sexual relationship with Mick Jagger of the rolling Stones SO SHE MARRIED A BI GUY /

I love her tho she showed me how much Somali women despise us Somali men in the west HENCE ever since I learned about her I been dating nothing but ajanab women .
She walked so I can run/ run into the arms of white queens .
:salute: Iman the idgaf about culture and traditions queen .

SOMALI MEN HAVE BEEN TAKING L'S SINCE 1978 I haven't taking an L since i was 14 when I started dating girls from different ethnic backgrounds .

Her nudes are gorgeous / dark skin hairy Malab she truly is a Nubian queen .


Says that Somalia is a Muslim country , that every man has 4 wives because it’s allowed in Islam and that divorced women were ostracised and the husband always took the children .

the best a divorced woman could ask for is it become apart of another mans harem

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I swear she didn't live in Somalia even a year
First, it is known that Somalis love to marry divorced and widowed women
As for polygamy, it is not common. Some sub-clans marry more wives because it is traditional for them And because they are Laandheer That is why they should have many children These families are often descendants of sultans or kings But for normal families, like me, marrying more than one wife is not customary
That's why you find two clans two brothers But one of them multiplied, and their number became thousands And the other, because his grandchildren did not acquire wealth and power, they did not become much
So don't talk about something you don't know
No offense but I fail to believe that is true and if it does happen only once in a very blue moon. I've only heard of one case and I didn't even know the person and it was a massive scandal as even randoms were gossiping about it and randoms like me found out about it. A woman in the West doesn't need to run away. She can get a house, pay her own rent ect.

It hardly ever happens in the West, in my 20-something years and bearing in my mind i'm in my late 20s pushing 30. We're a conservative community. Right now you're talking about extreme situations and trying to present it as a norm that happens to Western Faraxs. That is insane walal. This isn't me defending Xalimos Wallahi, its just that what you're saying is mad since i'm from London and live in a heavily Somali area. Women bouncing with the kids and moving to a new house? Yes normal. Women running away with a lover? Crazy and such stories end up circulating London because of how rare and crazy such a situation is. We're not gaal walalo and we don't have high rates of Xalimos committing adultery. At this point you're slandering the Somali community in the UK. Shocking.
My experience would be different and wider than yours when it comes to family matters in our communities because my father is the imam people generally approach when it comes to family issues/marriages etc. Generally this stuff is kept a secret because its scandalous and a few get out when the families get involved and let it slip out but for the most part this stuff is kept hidden. I say lover because the marriage to the other individual isn't accept since she hasn't been divorced by the pervious husband. This however is a lot more rampant in the Asian communities and is the main reason acid attacks take place. The husband does this nonsense to get back his "honour".

And no I'm not painting it as normal but rather that it's on the increase as a byproduct of living in the West and adopting there way of life and yes the whole moving out into another house away from the husband is another one that happens a lot aswell which is also a byproduct of living in the West. The western lifestyle has given women in general a lot more independence to beable to do these types of things.
She left her Somali husband went to the USA modeled then married a NBA black player who beat her up for a few years / divorced / married WHITE BOY Bowie who is known to have a sexual relationship with Mick Jagger of the rolling Stones SO SHE MARRIED A BI GUY /
Didn't read Xaar you wrote past your first paragaraph.

Mick Jagger and Bowie were definitely gay.

Gayest music video Ive ever seen. :susp: :gucciwhat:
This @ImanStan001 lady, again loves causing drama and mayhem, bloody hell darling, what you been up to? You’re part of eurotrash who came to the U.K., go back to Europe love, brexit means brexit innit.
She’s right about men marrying multiple women. The stigmatization of divorce women really depends on where you’re from in somalia Atleast not in my family divorce is something that happens we keep it moving.
She mentioned in one of her interviews that journalists lied about her and Somalis (saying we all lived simple lives in huts or something) to make her sound more exotic. So they probably told her to lie or at least embellish her story as that's what people wanted to hear and what would sell at the time. I'm pretty sure she didn't believe half the stuff she said.


Let he without sin cast the first potato.
Why y'all acting like you've never written a personal statement before??

I remember saying that during the civil war I ate my mother to survive, was raised by hyenas, and then I walked to America to find obbortunity n edumacation.

She did the same damn thing. Appeal to the kindly nature of white folk in her line of work with UTTER n TOTAL BULLSHIT.
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