Super Cup thread (Man United vs RM)


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Alright my boys will bring the trophy home tomorrow Insha Allah :rejoice:
Pogba making clearances from right back:cryinglaughsmiley::cryinglaughsmiley:

Mourinho thinks he can sit back against the best attacking team in Europe? :O27GWRK:What a :donkey:

Is lukaku playing? Honest question.


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Scoring offside goals
Uefamadrid :pacspit:

Lingard :pacspit:I haven't hated a player as much as this wacal in a long time. Brings nothing to the team but booty clapping for Rashford, Lukaku and Pogba :pacspit:
25 years old and some fans treat him like he just came out of the youth team :pacspit:
I have more respect for akhi Fellaini than this kalab :pacspit:
The wacal runs and runs for 60 minutes doing fuk all :pacspit:

Mkhi was tired he should've gotten Martial on to trouble a tired Marcelo but no let's hoof it up :pacspit:
Mou will never change :pacspit:
Keeping Martial and Mata out of the team :pacspit: The two most creative players we have.:pacspit:
I can't stand this stupid 3-5-2 we don't have the wingbacks for it to work. Lukaku gets no service when we play this stupid formation.:pacspit:

This nigga needs to change or Walahi fans will turn on his ass with this disgraceful ugly football. I'm telling you rn if he parks the bus against the big teams again this season and we lose those games guy isn't gonna stick around especially with the ugly football.

LVG had better record vs the top 6 than this fool who's spent more smh. Get your shit together Mou or I'm bringing my banners out like DT.:mjhaps:


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