Suldaan Nuur Amaan leader/co-leader of Dervishes

The fighting didn’t magically stop at the death of Suldaan nuur it stopped at the time the british retreated to the coast and firtified themselves around the coastal cities. Suldaan nuur amaan was challenged by Suldaan Xirsi Amaan if im not wrong but the challenge essentially only became real when Suldan Nuur gave Bayah to the Sayid alongside Suldaan Xaji Sudi. Suldaan Nuur in particular was quite esteemed hence why he is claimed to have rose to the sayids number 2.(Many people are claimed to be his second)
Interesting. So did Western HY side against the Dervish suldaan?

Also, I was not aware Suldaan Nuur being subordinate to anyone or giving beyca

I'm actually Xirsi Amaan who was Nur Amaans Uncle. This is interesting history thats rarely discussed.
You should tell us somethings we do not know. We need to know more about Suldaan Nuur Amaan. Help us out

I thought that dariiqa was not in the area I guess they are

You’ve made quite a number of posts related to Ogaden are you from Galbeed bro? Also Suldaan nuur (AUN) died in 1907 but the british retreat to the coast was after this as was the death of koofiil (british top boy) why are you mixing clan motive with history?
The Dervishes also signed up to become a protectorate of Italy just before the Sultan's death aun

The British retreated to coast way before Koofil. Koofil violated that policy. British REretreated after Koofil was killed trying to bring back Ree Hagar livestock