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Top 5 stocks you’d recommend?
It's hard to recommend individual stocks as it depends on your objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon. Always invest money you don't need ($200 a month is a good start). If younger, focus on growth companies and switch to dividend paying companies as you get older. If you are a risk taker, use 10% of your investment cash for trading momentum stocks/swing trading but make sure you have stops set to cut downside risk. I would avoid call / put options as you can easily lose a 100% of value (if really interested you can buy 18-24 month OTM calls or puts to weather short-term storms).

Good luck!
A bit late to this thread but I sold all my stocks on February 1st because of the coronavirus. I know we're gonna be experiencing an economic reset of the sort because of this whole ordeal and there's definitely money to be made through all of this. Before all this my portfolio consisted of: Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Ali Baba, AMD, Amazon, Google, and Tesla. My interest is currently in oil however because we all know that Saudi and Russia can't keep this price war up for long, and after the coronavirus demand is gonna skyrocket again. Looking for an entry point and watching the news carefully for an OPEC deal as we speak.
Man I know this guy regrets selling everything, stocks are through the roof
HAHAHA. I was thinking the same thing. Its a good lesson that the economy and stock market are not strongly correlated
The top 1% own 50% of the stocks and they manipulate them constantly. I don’t know why the average guy cares so much about the stock market. Just put you’re retirement savings in a Vanguard Index Fund and delete you’re robinhood app.
I do a bit of day trading and short term trading, laakin with only about 2k. That's the amount I'm comfortable losing if everything goes wrong. I'm currently liquidated, but I'm waiting for a good entry point in $SLGG. It's an e-sports pennystock and has a history of bull runs preceding earnings. I'm looking at entering @ 1.73 a piece for about 1000 shares. I think it will get to 3.50. In the time I've spent trading equities, I've learned that it's most profitable to be a contrarian. When everyone's selling, buy and vice versa.
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current order pending-

I enjoy this as a fun hobby that you can make some shaax money with and also learn financial instruments to better utilize later in life. If anyone wants to know more, I'd be happy to have a convo about it. I enjoy forums like this where we can share ideas and help build each other.

One of the rookie mistakes I made when I first started was not putting enough effort into the deen aspect of stocks. I never looked at the shariah compliance of the securities I was investing in. So, I would just toss money at companies that turned out to be heavily leveraged by interest and I was unknowingly making haram income, but now I changed it up and use a halal stock screener to verify my positions are making clean money.

If anyone is interested in going down the route of penny trading, my advice:

Don't FOMO, because everything is up to the qadr of allah, it was never intended for you.
NEVER CHASE, if it went up 100%, don't expect it to go up another 100, it had it's moment, don't even try to enter it for a couple months.
Find a ticker that has good value, and look to buy when there's an feeling of desperation vis a vis that certain stock. It's all up to you learning how to find value where others can't.
Learn the difference between Trading and Investing and which camp your needs are met the best.
Don't buy shares with money you're not comfortable losing. If you have paper hands and jump ship at the sight of your positions down -15%, just save your money.
Don't blindly listen to people online to buy something specific, do your own dd on the company, look at the historical charts and try itching out patterns - the most noticeable are usually around earnings.


It's all so tiresome
Would u guys recommend investing in airlines now? It’s all time low rn
Except the majority to go bankrupt and get a government bailout AFTER restructuring... Shareholders will be left holding the bag just like with GM in the last crash.


It's all so tiresome
I put all my life savings into Tesla call options before the battery day event. Haven't checked on them yet.
Ouch, I don't think your positions are looking so good, given the stock's reaction to battery day. This year's market is very weird, they only either reward unrealized, over-hyped potential or when a company is on death's door. but not when a corporation shows practical steps towards improving their products. Good news = stock prices fall and vice versa in 2020

Also, were you aware that buying options is haram, from a shariah standpoint, no offense.


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Except the majority to go bankrupt and get a government bailout AFTER restructuring... Shareholders will be left holding the bag just like with GM in the last crash.
Yh i know so I’ve invested in an amount I don’t mind losing and read it’s financial statements before hand. Easy jet and shell look too good to miss out on

I sold my shares for tesla before the stock split. Jumped on the train a little but made a decent return, it was my best performing stock after OCADO


Anyone know how I can make some bank on Forex or crypto this winter.

I got £500 to invest.
Anyone know how I can make some bank on Forex or crypto this winter.

I got £500 to invest.

Crytpo + Forex isn't for investors! They're for traders riding on volatility, so there is a high chance of losing that £500.

Investing = + 5 years
Trading = 0-4 years

People who do invest in cryptocurrency do so on a "I hope" basis. Also you can't really do much technical analysis to determine a respectable and reliable value of your crypto asset in 1 years time because of how volatile the market is.

Then again, I could be wrong since I don't have any crypto assets.

But I still believe cryptocurrency is the future.


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