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Would u guys recommend investing in airlines now? It’s all time low rn
It will probably get even worse when the federal aid ends on October 1st and a possible second wave of in the autumn, I will wait until then.
Top 5 stocks you’d recommend?
It's hard to recommend individual stocks as it depends on your objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon. Always invest money you don't need ($200 a month is a good start). If younger, focus on growth companies and switch to dividend paying companies as you get older. If you are a risk taker, use 10% of your investment cash for trading momentum stocks/swing trading but make sure you have stops set to cut downside risk. I would avoid call / put options as you can easily lose a 100% of value (if really interested you can buy 18-24 month OTM calls or puts to weather short-term storms).

Good luck!


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A bit late to this thread but I sold all my stocks on February 1st because of the coronavirus. I know we're gonna be experiencing an economic reset of the sort because of this whole ordeal and there's definitely money to be made through all of this. Before all this my portfolio consisted of: Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Ali Baba, AMD, Amazon, Google, and Tesla. My interest is currently in oil however because we all know that Saudi and Russia can't keep this price war up for long, and after the coronavirus demand is gonna skyrocket again. Looking for an entry point and watching the news carefully for an OPEC deal as we speak.
Man I know this guy regrets selling everything, stocks are through the roof


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