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Check out IPOD and IPOF warrants. They are near NAV again because of FUD surrounding Clover Health (Chamath's worst spac - but IMO it does not mean all his future spacs will be as bad).

If you guys want to yolo, perhaps now is the time if you trust Chamath.
I'm going to leave it. I'm already struggling with Box and Nokia.


This looks like another long term hold for his investment company but he no longer owns any direct shares. I was really close to buying some by how he was hyping this company.



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Do you think it will ever go down to the pre bull run price?
Probably not, I think it will go max to 380-420 range or at worst case scenario 250 range. These are the 0.618 and 0.786 Fibonacci levels from the covid low to 2021 peak. I think Tesla will be range bound for the next couple of years. Maybe another bubble in late 2024 early 2025.

People aren't pricing it as a car company, they are pricing it as a car company + major tech company + energy company + space exploration company all in one.