Stephen Curry apologizes for saying moon landings were fake

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SAN FRANCISCO, California -- Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry spoke out Thursday about recent comments he made on how he doesn't believe the moon landing actually happened.

He had questioned the Apollo 11 mission during a taping of the "Winging It" podcast.

On Thursday, he apologized and expressed regret over his comments. He says he will be talking to someone high up in the space industry to learn.

"Hopefully this all gets behind us," he said.

Curry said Wednesday that he was joking when he made the comments.

He says he's looking forward to the tour of the lunar lab that NASA invited him on
Was this really worth a thread? The moon landing was faked by the cinematic genius Stanley Kubrick. Did you know that a common smartphone si many times stronger than the computing power NASA had in 1969?
Stephen Curry should stick to what he knows best, playing basketball.

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Global warming is a hoax too. Sxb, you sound like Alex Jones.


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He spoke the truth so the Jews got mad.

Moon landing is fake as Kim kardashians buttocks.
Stephen Curry should stick to what he knows best, playing basketball.

The Alchemist

Global warming is a hoax too. Sxb, you sound like Alex Jones.
No, global warming is very real my friend. I'm just joking, but it is impossible to prove if armstrong really landed on the moon. :icon lol:
If the moon landings were faked, then why didn’t the Russians call out the Americans for faking it?

You would assume that the Russians—-being in a Cold War with America—-would have the most motivation to expose this embarrassing fact, which would cripple US soft power for a generation.

And if it was faked, it would’ve required the cooperation (and silence) of literally tens of thousands of people. Every single one of them taking a gigantic payoff to stay quiet and not a single person exposing it in 50 years.

That sounds pretty far-fetched to me


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I hate these coward celebes who always back away from their statements. Stick by what you say


Intelligent people change their perception of the reality if produced & shown facts because they are reasonable people and not Geeljires who are stubborn who will insist, I heard it from my imam or from the radio.
Tbh i don't know whether the moon landing is fake but i cannot conclude that it is real with 100% certainty. When i was a child i was obsessed with space and the idea of travelling to new i guess a part of me wanted it to be real. Who knows? the fact that they lost the original footage seems a bit like a red herring but then again there are many new videos of them launching a rocket from the ground to space and it can't all be CGI.

Flat earthers are stupid! even if you let them go on their own expedition to find these so called ice walls they will still deny it and claim they were brainwashed or something! NO ship has ever sailed off the edge of the world and they still are in belief that the earth has edges and a firmament.
A apology....
Those celebs are puppets/controlled

Moon landing is nothing but a hoax.
Landings of 1960s and early 1970s is a fake propaganda during the cold war between USA and USSR


Good for him.

All I know is, if flat earth can sweep the world as a legit conspiracy in this day and age of information, there’s no telling what’s next. The next one will be the moon is made of cheese.
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