SOPHISTICATE’s cousin in Borama married a 50 year old single mother singer for 120 camels. Which translated to $

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Whats the conversion rate these days, 120 camels is equivalent to?

Male camel is $800

Female is $1k

Remember you need one male camel to impregnate all of them.

Female camel also provides milk.


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@Sophisticate y’all could’ve talked to him out of it.

I think you need your exchange rate and latest prices updated,I have talked about this whole camel to dollar conversion on this thread lol.

The Supreme court of Somaliland region of Somalia made few changes on Punitive fines imposed on both intentional and accidental murders.

The court also lowered the Meher/Dowry prices of girls due to wide unemployment and lack opportunities in the region coupled by 90% of adult's use of narcotic drug called Khat.

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These new adjusted prices are in effect from today

1.Premeditated murder: price of each camel is set at 3,500,000 of Somaliland Shillings, which is only $411.

Male Puntitve fine:$411 × 100 camels = $41,100.

Female Puntitve fine : $411 ×50 camels= $20,550

. Accidental Deaths such as car accidents will have lower prices for each camel, 2,500,000 Somaliland Shilling in this case which is roughly $312.

3.Meher/Dowry: prices for Somaliland girls hit low, price of the camel is set at Somaliland Shilling 3,500,000 SL Shillings with a cap of 10 camels at most which comes to $4000.

Looks like I would be heading to Hargeisa, you can get four of wives for less than $12,000 and start your own clan.:wow1: