Somalis In human zoos debunked

There used to be a black movement on here it died out however and it was replaced with the cushtic movement one movement that will never die out is the Arab one :fittytousand:

Atm, we had a common enemy and let’s join hands and save Somalis from joining a gaajo movement. Cushite=Qaxooti. Best interests in Somalis will be served elsewhere.
I hope he doesn’t dream about what we’re saying about him now and wakes up. I commend him on his passion about the qaxootis he would like us to join, though it’s misplaced.


to be ***nst this opression olympics is very stupid, shit stuff happens to every race the moors invaded europe and enslaved millions of europeans, america bombed japan and black bantus were enslaved,

also the human zoo olypics is dum cause south aisans arabs chinese where all displayed in the human zoos

they even put russians in those zoos as well



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