Somaliland uses the most dangerous diplomatic tool possible

that nigga was mirqaan asf he thought next Isaaqs were harti’s :pachah1:
Same with the Dhulbahante guy in the video you posted, just a salty low life about other people’s businesses when he could be doing the same thing

but you can’t deny that LA is at least 90-95% Dhulbahante

I’m not against other qabiils moving to LA, that’s how cities grow and prosper. Otherwise it becomes stagnant and too incestuous


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What is OP trying to say? Deni son marrying the niece of Muse Biixi is that supposed to be a L or something?

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Some men are easily influenced by their women so they’re worried
Isaaqs love playing seal diplomacy even Djibouti dictator Guelleh has Isaaq wife:ehh:

that’s some real alpha shit if you think about it they trade seal for shadow influence.
I saw this coming, because i am a student of history. There was a speech by Bixi addressing
his troops or the Public. He said that, they were very successful in using soft Power to expand since
2007, when his troops reached Laska. Now they should continue with that Policy. This what he said
in Somali. ( waa Inaan badinaa siyaasada qaboob oo aan aad ugu guulesanay ilaa iyo 2007,
maalinba meel cusub, maalinba meel cusub. siyaasad qaboow siyaasad qaboow).

Once in a blue moon, you have to acknowledge your enemy. (gaalka dil kartiisana sii).

#1. Djibouti Republic- State house:
First Family: Beesha Dhexe.

#2. Somali State Ethiopia; state House:
First family: Beesha Dhexe.

#3. Puntland state Somalia-State House:
First Family: Beesha Dhexe.


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