Somaliland region arrests a boy who mocked how Muuse Bixi walks

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This is actually madness, what happened to being the hidden gem of the horn? you know the democratic stuff?

Reminds me of the guy that called Muse a local and ended up in jail smh.
Somaliland has their journalist in check, I remember during the war back in summer they shutdown some news groups. In PL the IC is always in our case whenever press freedom is under pressure:farmajoyaab:

Which is why some annoying ass news outlets can spread propaganda.
Most insecure "nation" in the world, wallahi


Question ictiraaf: Go to jail

Go to Mogadishu: Go to jail

Wave a Somali flag: Go to jail

Criticise Kulmiye: Go to jail

Make a joke about a politician: Guess what? Go to jail!


Its so obvious that Somaliland knows that they're never getting ictiraaf.
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