SOMALILAND promises dual citizenship 2 Southern Somalis once it gains independence. Wld u want it ?

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It further went on to clarify it by saying that this would only apply to folks who are willing to buy a land/home, with a profession needed, females from the south who married a Slander and maids who work in SL for 10 years.

Are you willing to get SL citizenship in the event of recognition.

One can assume that by the SL gains independence they Somalia would be still in the midst of its national pastime, explosion and mayhem.


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Bad plan, these people will breed like rats. Look at the eelay in the south one family has 15 kids. No way. The south isn’t even Somali anymore.


Thing is they will never get it, it’s been like 20 years and not even a hint of progress or even a single country recognizing them :bell: at this point it’s getting sad, all other “independent” claiming regions get at least 7 to 8 to recognize them as a pipe dream:gucciwhat: let alone having half of the in members recognize you when you can’t even muster 1


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S land citizenship maids? Butlers? Waryada meshaas maha Spain 6AF17604-D840-4885-BAEF-472863E7AB3E.png 6AF17604-D840-4885-BAEF-472863E7AB3E.png 6AF17604-D840-4885-BAEF-472863E7AB3E.png London hada wa laa afuriyaa qosolka naga dayaa.
I noticed you like to constantly mock the terrorist attacks that happen in Mog. but even that hasn't stopped tons of people from SL going to Xamar. Anyone who has been there knows lol.



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