Somaliland and Taiwan sign a agreement to establish relations.

Ibrahim hassan

Esteemed Excellency

How retarded are they? Taiwan can't do shit for them and won't do anything. Meanwhile they lost all hope in getting big chinks in giving them ictraaf.


Xoog iyo Xiniyo #NGM enforcer
Thank you Sambusaland!!! You gave us a world power as an ally and a veto power at the UNSC




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"In May 1991, after the Somalian civil war, the northern Isaac clan declared its independence and established the Republic of Somaliland, according to Liberty Times".

The same China forcing Muslims to eat pork, drink alcohol, forces abortions/sterilised on Muslim woman, forcing Muslims to break their fast, locking them up on “re-education” camps. No thank you we don’t need that kind of china.

We are not Somalia selling our fish for measly 1 million dollars.

now get the fuck out here.:camby:


It's all so tiresome
China is a giant but so is Taiwan compared to Somaliland.

China wouldn't give them the time of day while Taiwan might actually throw some breadcrumbs at them.

Also it's a way to get China to start taking interest in you. Geopolitical negging lol.
Lool why are you lot always so obsessed about who Somaliland deals with, don’t you guys have Independence Day to celebrate. :ayaanswag:


Reformation of Somaliland
Massive diplomacy blunder here lol
Nope, very smart...

It's all about business & economy for us... The more acknowledgement, the more we cement ourselves in the world and cannot be ignored.

While you're paper govt is busy writing memos


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