Somaliland 27th Anniversary Celebrations in London

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Anyone going? They are all early this year to avoid collision with Ramadan masha'Allah reer waqooyi got deen on lock

I'm going to the one in Harrow cause that's the closest but there's a few in East and Brum and Bristol, which one will have the most siil?

If Harrow one is shit I'm pissed wallahi

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Ilaahay Gargaaryeey Gabiley Qurux Badanaa
I went to one like 2 years ago it was a dead ting think they had timbo come through or some other rapper.

I heard that back when khatuumo State had the initial launch party it happened on the same night as the SL party.

Same people were caught on camera at both parties kkk :pachah1::pachah1:
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