Somalia: Presidential election postponed in Somaliland

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HARGAISA, Somaliland- Political parties in Somaliland region have agreed to delay the presidential polling that was scheduled to be held on March this year, due to worsening drought condition in the region, Garowe Online reports.

Kulmiya ruling party along with opposition parties UCID and Wadani have jointly released a statement on Tuesday, stating the presidential election is delayed for 6 months, as the government is aiming to provide humanitarian assistance to drought victims.

The low rain seasons and extreme climate conditions have significantly affected hundreds families and caused death of many livestock, which considered a lifeline for nomadic communities in Somalia.

The political parties in Somaliland region have stated the election comes during a critical time and revealed that the government has requested from the opposition political parties to postpone the election.

Somaliland located in the northwestern of Somalia, has declared its independence from the rest of Somalia as de facto sovereign state in 1991 but it has not been recognized internationally.


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Another tactic to delay the elections which has been delayed several times already. I think we need to stop saying we are democratic
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