Somalia Petroleum Law passed by FGS Parliament

While we were busy with Goodax Barre's shenanigans, the Petroleum law has been passed by 150 in favour and with 4 voting against.

This pays the way for the FGS to sell Somalia's natural resources to whoever it wishes.

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Thus in june they will sell some of the somali goods, this ought to be interesting. Especialy when the federal states are not realy working with the federal government. Hell maybe the states will sent their own envoys to. That would be funny tho. Imagine them sitting near each other despiting each other. If they took a picture of that my whole year would be made.
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But again it is Somalia and hotel bills need to be paid and the family sustenance needs to be wired to Turkey or wherever the family live.


This has to be a joke....the country doesn’t even exist and they are talking about selling oil without even consulting the majority federal states? This is a disaster in the making.


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Bad idea to do this without permission of Fed States...

At the same time, the value of oil drops everyday and we cant wait on an agreement that may never come.
The FGS have powerful brokers behind them.

This could be game changer. They are the legal sovereign, we could stop those drilling the companies from operating in specific locations but we would possibly not be able to enter new agreement with other companies.

This is either a make or break situation where clashes could be possible.


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I hear the federal states are troubled by their resources being tapped and them not getting a good cut, but what if the oil being drilled will be on the shores of Mogadishu.
Cali it is a blessing/curse. No one knows what will happen.

For years we wanted the stalemate to end our resources pumped out so we can enjoy the fruits but this could be w precursor for conflict if not managed and oil companies benefit from that contrary to what they are saying because they want corruption to take hold and pay a few, saw conflict, extract natural resources and get rich while the country worsens or sees nothing in return except for certain people getting rich.


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We are tired of being broke and sitting on fast amount of resources, let's dig these minerals out and feed the innocent poor families, this is the best time to extract them, we all could use it to build infrastructure for major cities.
Are there even laws in place that guarantee free healthcare and education?

Or will the money just flow directly into private bank accounts?

Without a social welfare plan as law, we are screwed.

Why are N&N fanboys/girls happy? Your precious uncles don't care about you. They will build gated palaces whilst you and your children languish in the diaspora because of poverty and corruption.