Somalia opens its first Botox clinic named "Obesity Clinic"




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La hawla wala quwata ila bilah
:faysalwtf:Laakin good for them, but why sre those photos always white people
I’m glad we’re becoming more vain lol

either way plastic surgery is popular all over the world including Iran (nose jobs) Saudi Arabia 😂
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I Was Cheating In Prison..I Was Cheating ...

From bleaching to duck lips. Next they'll introduce boob jobs and ass shots. War where's Al Shabaab when you need them?

Who would trust a nigga who can't even spell Dr?


I Was Cheating In Prison..I Was Cheating ...
He needs to leave Dayax dalnuurshe's wife alone too. She needs to sue him or at least threaten him since we dont have laws.


I Was Cheating In Prison..I Was Cheating ...
Somali girls have Dabo buur like baabuur. You fink the Diktoor will take some of that and inject it in the lips:jaynerd:
Well Somali men are running off to Turkey to wear their pubic hair on their heads nowadays so anything's possible.


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A lip augmentation ? say what now :wtf:
she already had a natural full lips like all xaliimos , tf is wrong with these people?

Ina Maykal kulaha :noneck:
With all the easily curable diseases and illness afflicting so many people. This man decides the best thing to do with his knowledge and money is to inject botulinum toxin in women so their face can be fat.