Somalia has the 4 out of the 16 oldest cities in North and horn of Africa beating Egypt and Ethiopia

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With blood and Iron will we reach the fatherland
With all the history that unites us, Somalis still cant respect each other:bell:


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Kismaayo is less than 150 years old. Barawe and Merka are each hundreds of years older than Kismaayo. Bosaso is even older than Kismaayo.
Mooriyaans can't build for shit, Xamar unukeh leh thieves should concede Xamar back to Beesha Marexaan

Merchant of Mogadishu

From Pella to Pattala, then back to Babylon
Mogadishu has been around since the time of the great successor kingdoms and empires of Megas Alexandros himself!

We have been the masters of Mare Indicum since Antiquity!


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