Somalia govt consults with diaspora on citizenship law

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HRH Duchess of Puntland, The Viscount of Garoowe
Will anyone respect his citizenship law? It's not like the Somali passport has any respect in the world nor does the Somali government control all of the land it claims, much less its borders. A family of Chinese migrants could be living in a remote fishing village in Somalia and they would be none the wiser. Drafting a new cItizenship law should be the least of their worries.

Btw, how are they trying to consult diaspora Somalis on the ne citizenship law when we are currently classed by Somali immigration as foreigners?:patrice:
There's no way I'm willing to denounce my hard earned Western passport. It's such a backward envious mentality to force Somali's to give up their citizenship with another country to join Somalia.

But maybe they're being strict on dual nationality because Ethiopia Somali region can have political power both in Ethiopia and Somalia.

Even though that may be, just force politicians vying for political seats to renounce any foreign nationality.
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